At Paxton Presbyterian Church, all are welcome to join our weekly services and community events. For those who visit our church on a regular basis, there may come a time where you feel so moved to join our congregation as a member. We accept all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – anyone who can be a Christian – can be Presbyterian. To become a member, one of the three methods below are needed:

  • A letter of Transfer from another Christian Church
  • Reaffirmation of your Faith when having previously been a member of another Christian Church
  • A profession of Faith – either by baptism or by confirmation and commissioning, when joining a church for the first time

Paxton Presbyterian periodically holds New Member classes for those who wish to join. The last class in the series is when New Members are received by the Session and recognized in worship.

If you feel so moved to join our amazing congregation, please indicate your interest on the pew pad or contact the office/pastor.

Our Members

Paxton is a active church with many ways to participate and engage. Those who become a member of our congregation, or simply a member of the Body of Christ, show their membership through the following actions:

  • Attending our weekly services and growing their spiritual understanding of God and His purpose
  • Fellowship with other members through church school or small groups
  • Joining one of the many ministries and committees that serve the church and our community
  • Giving back to the church, whether through volunteer time or monetary means