The Session is responsible for the mission and governance of Paxton. Session members, known as Elders, also serve on various ministries of the church. Elder duties include receiving new members, providing for the growth of church members through care, programming and mission opportunities, establishing the budget, and managing church property.

Session Members

  • Jerry Bingaman, Co-Chair, Property Management Ministry
  • LaVerne Collins, Chair, Christian Education Ministry
  • Nino Giambrone, Chair, Stewardship & Finance Ministry
  • Jan Gough, Christian Education Ministry
  • Karen Herrold, Chair, Mission & Outreach Ministry
  • Robert Martin, Worship & Music Ministry
  • Gary Myers, Chair, Pastoral Relations & Staff Ministry
  • John Palmer, Chair, Technology & Media Ministry
  • Jane Rising, Chair, Worship & Music Ministry
  • Mike Rotz, Co-Chair, Property Management Ministry
  • Judy Schmidt, Mission & Outreach Ministry
  • Kristian Stennett, Chair, Evangelism & Membership Ministry
  • Kitti Taylor, Clerk of Session
  • Sharon Webb, Evangelism & Membership Ministry


As set forth by the Presbyterian Book of Order, members of the Board of Deacons seek to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to anyone who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.

Board of Deacons

  • Tara Frank
  • Jim Holtzman
  • Janet Hitz
  • Hung Nguyen
  • Erin Peck
  • Leigh Ramsey
  • Cathy Roland, Moderator
  • Bev Ziebell, Vice Moderator/Secretary

Christian Education Ministry

Nurtures the personal growth in faith for all age groups through the study of the word of God.

Evangelism and Membership Ministry

Offers care for and nurturing of new and current members, plans fellowship activities for members of all ages, and promotes evangelism within the congregation and to our neighbors.

Mission and Outreach Ministry

Coordinates the mission work of Paxton and takes the Christian message of love and hope beyond our walls and out into the community.

Stewardship and Finance Ministry

Manages finances, annual budgeting and stewardship of gifts.

Worship and Music Ministry

Oversees all aspects of worship and music.

Pastoral Relations and Staff Ministry

Provides support and oversight of all staff and administrative activities.

Property Management Ministry

Oversees the maintenance and repair of Paxton’s buildings, grounds and church graveyard.

Technology and Media Ministry

Manages all audio-visual technology for Paxton.