Points of Historic Interest

In the church sanctuary

  • Interior restored to original design in 1931.
  • Lights patterned after sconces in the John Elder home.
  • Venetian blinds patterned after those which originally had been installed.

In the archives room

  • Pictures of former pastors and elders; of old Derry church (1769-1883); and of Scotch-Irish Society (1869).
  • Photostatted copy of the pastoral “recall” issued to John Elder by the “Old Side” of Paxton and Derry (1754).
  • Clerk’s record of old Pew Holders.
  • Replica of original Log Meeting House, carved out of the original timber.

On the grounds

  • Historic old graveyard.
  • The Manse built in 1855
  • The Cabin, a reproduction of original log meeting house