Evangelism & Membership

The responsibilities of the Evangelism & Membership ministry include maintaining specific criteria for active church membership, making annual recommendations to the Session regarding active and inactive member status based on established criteria; providing for the reception of new members; providing for the care of inactive church members; maintaining the church roll and recommending removal of inactive church members where necessary; working with the Officers of the Church, promoting evangelism within the congregation and to those outside the congregation; working with the church staff in matters of communications with individual members, roll maintenance and churchwide communications such as the PACE and membership directory; assisting as needed the recruitment of volunteers as related to all ministries; preparing breakfast for new members of the preceding year, using the time of fellowship to see how new members are assimilating into church life and get feedback on what the committee could do more of or to enhance other opportunities. Meet with the youth, usually in the early spring for a pizza party. Send cards to church members who are ill, bereaved, celebrating a birth/marriage or just to keep in touch with someone who has not been to church for awhile. Also, send a card to visitors if they have written their address on the pew pad. Every five years prepare a church directory.


  • David McPherson (chair)
  • Kristian Stennett


  • Patty Bowers
  • Linette Burd
  • Melissa Dougherty
  • Dawn Palmer
  • Diana Robertson
  • Louis Robertson
  • Pam Robertson
  • Craig Staudenmaier
  • Tom Leaver
  • Tom Unome
  • Jan Watt